Alcohol and Energy Drinks DON’T Mix


Drinking alcohol with an energy drink can increase your chance of harm when compared to drinking alcohol alone. Initial study results suggest alcohol mixed with an energy drink at minimum doubles your risk of injury. The caffeine in energy drinks fools you into thinking you’re less drunk than you really are; the alcohol affects you just the same. The caffeine also keeps you awake which may lead to you to drink longer, thus consuming more alcohol, which increases your risk of getting hurt or participating in many other risky behaviours.

Caffeinated alcohol beverages are available in two forms;

  1. Pre-mixed by the manufacturers and solid in liquor stores
  2. Hand-mixed by the consumer

Both forms are risky but hand-mixed drinks are even more so because there is no standardization to the amount of caffeine and/or alcohol. The energy drinks you buy at convenience stores do have a warning that says do not mix with alcohol, yet it is in such fine print, it is barely noticeable.

Remember alcohol has the greatest effect on a developing brain. And if you do choose to drink be aware of what you are drinking, always plan ahead with safe ways to get home, and look after one another.

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