For many of us, turning sixteen is a pivotal birthday. Sixteen is the year we can get our first drivers’ license. While you can learn all of the rules of the road in driver’s ed, how you choose to handle yourself behind the wheel is another story.

Learn more below about the cognitive affects of drinking, drugs and distraction on driving, along the hefty fines associated with these activities in the event you get caught!

Drinking and Driving
As a G2 driver or a driver with any license under the age of 21, you must have a zero percent blood alcohol concentration...

Marijuana being legal doesn't make it safe. Marijuana plants are harmful and THC, the chemical that gets you high can seriously impact your brain.

Jack FM and students pledging to end distracted driving
Together with the Middlesex London Health Unit, Ministry of Transportation, OPP, EMS, Jack FM, the LHSC Impact team held an event for grade 11...