Distract Driving Campaign – The Ministry of Transportation

Yound driver searching for his phone

The Ministry of Transportation has launched a video campaign to raise awareness about distracted driving.


Distracted driving facts:

One person is Injured every 30 minutes from distracted driving

If you drive distracted you are 4 times more likely to get in a crash

Fines range from $490 – $1,000 including 3 demerit points

If you endanger someone because of distraction a more serious charge of careless driving could be imposed and could result in license suspension or up to 6 months in jail

Tips to avoid distracted driving

  • turn off your phone or switch it to silent mode before you get in the car
    • put it in the glove compartment (lock it, if you have to) or in a bag in the trunk
  • let your friends know that you don’t use your phone when you drive and that if you don’t hear back that you’ll get back to them when safe.
  • some apps can block incoming calls and texts, or send automatic replies to people trying to call or text you
  • ask a passenger to take a call or respond to a text for you
  • if you must respond, or have to make a call or send a text, carefully pull over to a safe area

Calling 911

  • In an emergency, you can use your phone to call 911, but be sure to pull off the road to a safe area to make the call.