About Impact!

Impact (Informing teens. Preventing injuries) is presented by the staff of London Health Science’s Centre’s Injury Prevention Team. Impact is made possible through the generous donors to the Children’s Health Foundation.

The presentation is designed to educate grade high school students about the social, economic and health outcomes of risk-taking behaviours. Presentations include first-hand accounts of risk taking and provides students with the tools necessary to make informed decisions when faced with a challenge.

Impact has reached over 10,000 students in-hospital and over 22,000 students in-schools.


Impact is tailored towards the specific needs of each individual class by way of our anonymous “clicker” technology to identify the most important issues. Some of the topics that can be discussed are: alcohol and partying; marijuana; distracted driving; and other drugs.

Open dialogue is promoted in order to engage students in discussion of issues they perceive to be a concern within their schools.

Impact reaches more than 4,500 students each year.

As of October 2020, Impact now offers a virtual presentation option, expanding the geographical reach of the program and to meet the needs of the changing learning environment.  Anonymous polling technology is used throughout the presentation for student engagement and videos are shown from patient ambassadors and healthcare providers to share their prospective.

For presentation bookings or to learn more about the program, please email Impact@lhsc.on.ca.ca

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