Life saving hacks for distracted driving


Everyone knows it is against the law to use your phone or operate other devices while driving. But, it can be so hard to block out the distractions – you just want to know what that notification is!

Here are some tips and tricks to help you be present behind the wheel!

Let your friends and family members know you’re driving. Make any necessary texts and calls before you start your drive. Tip: send a quick text to say you’re driving and won’t be responding right away.

Put your phone on silent once you get in the car, that way you aren’t easily distracted by notifications. If you don’t know you’ve received a message, you won’t feel like you need to read it immediately!

By putting your phone out of reach you aren’t tempted to check it because you can’t see it.

Remember you’re the driver, so you have control of the environment in your car. For example, you get to decide how many people are in your car or how loud the music is.