National Teen Driver Safety Week 2017

Jack FM and students pledging to end distracted driving

Together with the Middlesex London Health Unit, Ministry of Transportation, OPP, EMS, Jack FM, the LHSC Impact team held an event for grade 11 students at Medway Secondary School for National Teen Driver Safety Week on October 20, 2017.

The day started with students receiving positive tickets in recognition for their safe driving practices as they arrived at school.  The event continued with a second period presentation for all grade 11 students.  The presentation looked at the Stupid Line, differentiating between a healthy and unhealthy risk.  A highlight of the presentation was having Andrew Crawford share his personal experience and his ask of students to look out for one another.

Early morning positive ticketing for students

The presentation ended with a distracted driving focus, discussing ways we can ask distracted drivers to put their phones down and strategies to use to just leave your phones alone while driving.  To end the day we set up our distracted driving simulator, had a pledge contest to end distracted driving, and a social media contest with a cut out of the principal dabbing, being the highlight.