National Teen Driver Safety Week


The Impact Team was at Saunders Secondary School this week to bring awareness to important safe driving habits for National Teen Driver Safety Week. We were joined by our community partners – the Ministry of Transportation, Middlesex London Health Unit, 102.3 JackFm, London Police Services!

Young drivers have been shown to be at a higher risk for driving distracted and it is a factor in up to 19% of all fatal crashes involving teens. All drivers are encouraged to develop safe driving habits that reduce distraction in their driving experience, such as:

  • Focus on driving
  • LIFE HACK: flip the phone inside your case so you’re not tempted to look
  • Let your passenger to call or text for you
  • Before driving, turn off your phone or set the ringer to “silent” and put your phone away
  • Call back later when you are not driving
  • Adjust your music of GPS before starting your car
  • Drive defensively. Even if you are not distracted, others may be.

Students at Saunders were able to see how difficult driving while texting really is – by trying our distracted driving simulator.

Drivers are 23X more likely to get into a crash if they are texting.

We had close to 80 students take the pledge to “Drive Safely” and were entered into a draw for a gift card.  London Police were there to provide information on charges and answer legal questions.