Together with Middlesex London Health Unit, 3M, OPP, the Ministry of Transportation, the Josh Field Support Network, and 102.3 JackFM, the LHSC Impact team held a school wide event at Lord Dorchester Secondary School on May 31, 2017.

The focus of the event was on risky behaviours with a particular emphasis on distracted driving.  The cafeteria was full, as students were asked to think through some common scenarios. For example, what if one of your friends has too much to drink on your 19th birthday and you still want to go out to the bar? The students also saw firsthand how dangerous texting and driving is by trying the distracted driving simulator. The simulator takes you through the real life consequences of distracted driving demonstrating the personal, social, and financial costs of getting into a crash or and the emergency response if you sustain serious injuries from a major crash.

We were fortunate to have Kathryn Fields as a speaker at the event and for her to share her family’s story (https://impactprogram.ca/joshs-story/). Her presentation lead to great discussion on strategies to prevent cell phone use while driving.  Lord Dorchester students came up with many great ideas:

  • Put your phone in the back seat
  • Send text before you start driving so your friends don’t expect to hear from you
  • Put your phone in the glove box
  • Pull over and check your messages

Remember your options and take the time to consider the consequences of your decisions.


#PhoneDownBeavers Lord Dorchester distracted driving event