True Stories

Doctor Pat Murphy standing in the 3 bed Trauma Bay at LHSC

Trauma in children and teenagers can be overwhelming. Not only is it devastating to the young patient who was in a trauma such as a car crash but it is also challenging to be...
Josh and his family

“Distracted Driving - Josh’s Story” A ringing phone changed Josh’s family, friends and community forever. As Josh went to answer his ringing cell phone, he crashed and lost his life. To learn more about the impact...

Julien Marcel Gaudet was born on April 23, 1993. His arrival completed the perfect family for Germain and Christine Gaudet, who were already parents to their 2 ½ year old daughter Rachelle. Always a pleasant...

I want to tell you about my brother, Josh Field. He would be 24 years old right now, but on June 3rd 2009, he was the victim of distracted driving. He was only 17 years...
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